Planetary body indisputable, coming fast : Get your spiritual house in order

UPDATE JULY 15, 2016 : I no longer believe in this enduring tale of Planet X / Nibiru. It is a fear-mongering tool, the devil’s favorite.

Here is what I posted at SecureTeam10 (not a Christian site); but, Tyler came out with the same position today.

PLEASE READ THIS THAT YOUR KNOWLEDGE MAY INCREASE. “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” HOSEA I no longer believe in Planet X. I have a long history of research, communicating with people across the world and in military intelligence about Planet-X. The tell-tale sign is this : there are no bodies above the clouds near space to be seen. The visual reports all come from the ground–below the clouds, the aerosols. My conclusion is the PTB are preparing for a great deception as the bible says. They are practicing holographic projection in all forms: cities in the sky in China and other nations, and celestial bodies that mimic a planetary system and more. I have viewed hours and hours of videos shot up to 130,000 feet, far above the clouds, near space. All the bodies seen from the ground were non-existent. These are in my opinion projections, precursors for “Project False Messiah” and/or “Project Alien Invasion” and/or “Project Fake Rapture” (titles mine). The technology is well developed and already in use in the entertainment industry. They spray a dense fog and it functions as a projection screen. Look up Fogscreen and related patents. NASA even shares a patent for 12 artificial suns. The bodies seen from the ground are likely photoshop projections. They never waste a good opportunity to keep people in fear. The devil’s playground. Some will make you believe that light bending technology is hiding the bodies above the clouds. Really? Then why show below? I do not think they are yet able to bend light across the whole sky from horizon to horizon. I do think the PTB are frightened of an uprising against their lies, murders and theft. So they are throwing all the mud they can on the wall to see what will stick. Divisiveness and fear of each other works well. They fund ISIS. They fund BLM. And they pit everyone against each other. Keeping us distracted. Bread and circus. There are indeed earth changes. They have the scalar technology to cause them all. Look below the Pacific ocean for a powerful installation for instance. Also they may be reactions to the sun since our shield is weak and porous. ]But frankly I know our protective shield has thinned. And I also know that when they hit the ionosphere with 1.5 billion watts to attack a nation and cause an EQ or drought, or whatever…that our protective shield can probably not heal itself. I have asked the scientists. If you have your mind and eyes focused on PX you will be an easy target. Keep your heart well-rooted in the Word where the truth is. The only body that will have catastrophic effects is Wormwood in revelation. It falls into the sea; hence, it is not bigger than Jupiter. But it is God’s judgment on fallen world. I was the greatest believer in PX for too long. I am now its worst skeptic, more than Tyler.

NOTE: What follows is my original post and I am leaving it for posterity.

Christian Brother Steve Olson has now peaked over 2 million views on YouTube. Unlike any other individual he is showing images (below) coming to him from all over the world related to a possible Extinction Level Event kept from the public. At the very least, much of the world will perish as this planet passes by and earth passes through its debris–twice! Those who are hiding in their luxurious bunkers will suffer no less–it is written. I am now convinced and acting as a watchman, interceding for all.

I was told in 2010 by a high clearance Intelligence Officer (higher than all political leaders in the world) that Planet X was the threat to all of us. I did not wish to support this–since I know fear is one of the tools of the ungodly–until the evidence was out. The truth is now outed. There’s too much evidence from all corners: skywatchers, government insiders, astronomers, whistleblowers, scientists and agencies reporting. Many are God fearing believers.

This video is a must see. It’s crunch time to get your spiritual house in order. The governments are staying quiet on when the effects of this planetary system will manifest. These are some of the murmured effects:

  • 30 mile wide lightning coming from the earth
  • meteors showering the earth from the fast moving planet as it flies by
  • magnetic pull between the planets causing an earth tilt
  • a pole shift causing tsunamis on all coasts inward 100-200 miles
  • 9 level earthquakes
  • powering down the grid /generators or alternatively its destruction due to the electrically charged plasma
  • sudden freezing of formerly temperate climates

It is logical to assume volcanoes, earthquakes, sinkholes, superstorms, auroras and oddities above our heads are exacerbated by this incoming body. This is no longer a conspiracy theory. This is possibly the real climate change governments are talking about; it has nothing to do with your breath or your vehicle.

Pray for the covering protection of the Lord. Pray for those who are not saved. This may sound peculiar; but, I fear not what may be God’s great shaking. The world has become overrun by devils and jackals in every sector of society and more are lost to them with each minute that passes. The evil plots against Israel hastened a curse over many nations who collaborated to part her land and remove her security. God warned us these nations would be cursed. Canada maybe the safest haven having been Israel’s “best friend.”

If this cataclysm (written in Revelation as Wormwood and its effects lasting through many verses) will bring many to repentance, they may be spared, and, surely enjoy eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven. They may even overcome on earth or better, make it in time for the rapture of Saints.

Strong words? Yes. Long overdue. Look up because you redemption or condemnation draws nigh.

Don’t stop your daily routine. Just add Jesus, your Savior, the one who formed you in your mother’s womb, to your days. He is first in my days. Everything else comes in second place.

If you need help just write to us in the tab above. Or follow the instructions to obtain your salvation. 1,000 will fall on your right side, 10,000 on your left; but, nothing will hurt you. God Bless you all.

And with my next post or audio I return to my usual Christian edifying and encouragement i.e. my daily routine. I know readers do not like negative posts; but, it is for the good of all that I post this here, risking all, that you may know and bring many to salvation.

For those of you who are already destined to be with Jesus eternally, be kind and share this site with the unsaved. It’s time to earn our crowns. A little fear may save their souls.


Thank you!

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