Debate’s end : Rapture or tribulation for the Church?

Enjoy this interview by Host Gary Stearman, Prophecy Watchers, of Theologian, Dr. Douglas Stauffer.

Stauffer clarifies verses that confuse readers regarding the rapture, its timing and those who are left behind. Replacement theology, using Israel and the Church interchangeably, has caused much confusion too. This verdict is a ‘thumbs up’ for the rapture of the Church and soon!

Notwithstanding, Stauffer makes a good case for continued salvation occurring during tribulation, AFTER the rapture of the Church. Many will believe after the rapture and Jesus will wait for them before his return at the final battle; but, this will be a difficult journey.

There is not much time left to be saved before the rapture. Many signs are being fulfilled and Believers are keeping watch daily.

The Church will be taken up before the revealing of the Antichrist and the mark of the beast. These final years in Revelation, estimated at 3 1/2 years and referred to as Great Tribulation, will be horrible times for all inhabitants of the earth. This is a motivator to “get right with the Lord.”

This interview would be great to share with the unsaved, before its too late. Make haste!

p.s. Scroll down to read more on the rapture–the evidence is substantial.


Thank you!

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