Overcomer : “No calendars required for dating rapture”

There is overwhelming resistance to date-setting. In fact, it’s become a meme. Consider the signs and the number of days the Lord has given us throughout the entire Bible. Did he truly not want us to know dates for certain events?

Conversely, there is another group that is so anxious to “go home,” that when such dates are missed, they are completely crestfallen. This is understandable indeed.

When you are changed from tip-to-toe by the Lord (mindful of daily foot-washing) and no longer belong to the world or resemble it–the magnetism of heaven and the Father is powerful.

British sister, ‘Overcomer’, has been praying for years. She explains the meaning of the four blood moons and the end of the Passover, the 8th day, and yet, a fifth blood moon as a unique sign, the time of rapture. She makes a good argument for tomorrow, March 23rd, with a possible caveat to April 21st. “[No calendars are helpful],” in her predictions, she chuckles (knowing the endless efforts of others.) It an interesting video.

We pray. We hope. We watch. We wait.



One comment on “Overcomer : “No calendars required for dating rapture”

  1. Matthew 24:36 – What good is it to know when? Know this, it matters not, live as though it is indeed tomorrow. Have a contrite heart, just don’t be the one who buried the talent, and count on Mercy as your reward for none deserve to be saved.

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