Interview : Best and latest on incoming Planet X

UPDATE JULY 15, 2016 : I no longer believe in this enduring tale of Planet X / Nibiru. It is a fear-mongering tool, the devil’s favorite. Read these 2 posts for the basis for my position.

  1. Long story short
  2.  Balloon flights evidence

Keeping up with Steve Olson, a Guest on The Leak Project. Steve has 14,000 people watching the skies: webcams, observations, telescopes, amateurs. There are many predictions from credible sources that PX , AKA Nibiru, AKA Wormwood, AKA Blue Kachina is coming closest to earth the last week of March. Great interview. Pour a beer or a glass of wine. This is better than any football game or scary movie. Its approach portends cataclysmic, biblical scale, earth changes.

Watch it before it is shut down. Brave Christian man. Pray for him.


Thank you!

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