I mourn : Liars in the Church

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The usual suspects covered on the web for their practices, using ancient rites and symbols, were revealed to me today; but, there were a few surprises, ones I had suspected. Children keep your eyes in the Word of God and be still and listen to the Holy Spirit in you. Get out of Babylon; but, do not enter her either!

I also became keenly aware of how churches bend their form of worship and service to appeal to the unsaved. Their songs and music are new, modern. There are no altar calls. There is little preaching on sin or the Holy Spirit. There is little or no Bible reference and study.  Praying in tongues is absent. Yet, some churches writhe, roll and shake on the floor claiming the anointing, the glory of God, is present. This is not in the scriptures. Newbies have no clue and will eat up what is served.

If you are in a Church led by false prophets can you be saved? Do you have eternal life?

Even I thinking myself clean, repenting daily, praying daily, worshiping the one true YAH and His son Yeshua Mashiah, Jesus Christ our Lord, listening to my Helper, the Holy Spirit in me, have been duped by the few. Their hand signs, symbolism and affiliations say a lot. Their words and actions are a whole other layer. These men and women could sell snow to eskimos.

My brother is a Holy Spirit filled Pastor for over 35 years and his flock is in good hands. He once said to me, “I do not trust men.” He always consults the Holy Spirit, praying and waiting on the Lord. He is a stolid example of a walk that pleases the Lord.

It is no accident the Lord brought this knowledge to me today. God searches your heart and knows all your thoughts. I repent of having lifted a few false prophets–not many–but a few too many.

Many “great” men of God will not be in the reception party when you ascend to be with the Lord. You may be surprised by their absence. For me, I mourn how difficult these days are for the sheep–especially those just coming to the Lord. When you become saved little children, know that Jesus is near you and that He is the Word that has come in the flesh. Reading the Word of God will bring your faith to life. Pray in your secret closet.

Anyone I lead to the Lord I will keep close lest they be devoured by these wolves in sheeps’ clothing.

If you are in the role of a Shepherd your burden is greater and you will be judged first. Did you forget what is written in Acts?



One comment on “I mourn : Liars in the Church

  1. Stephen P Steinman says:


    Your wise words were humble and very true. A message long past due. Jesus said, if you love me feed my sheep/lambs. He did not say poison them or have them for supper.

    God bless your ministry!!!!


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