11 year-old boy : missions of those raptured

This boy reminds me of Jesus ministering to the men in the temple as a young boy. In this broadcast, he shares his dream of the rapture set in modern times. What was striking to me, the very same day a senior Brother was leading me to see in the scriptures that the raptured Bride will return to minister to the unsaved. This video served as confirmation of a message I have never heard before. It is credible coming from the mouth of a babe. I know this is ‘out there’ and I will consult my Guide! But I do like this mission a lot.

The mother of this young boy (and two girls) started the YouTube channel 7  months ago, “upon the instruction of the Lord…This is out of our comfort zone, but we want to be obedient.” Here is her first introduction video.


Thank you!

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