Nine hours with Prophet John Paul Jackson

John Paul Pic

Click image to hear 9 hours of powerful teaching and sharing by John Paul Jackson.

Over the last several days I spent 9 hours with our precious son of God, John Paul Jackson. He went home in 2015; so, his teaching and sharing are precious. This recording is 9 hours long; but, you can start and stop to fit into your busy life. Be warned, it is hard to press “pause.”

I strongly recommend that you listen to his teaching. You will learn about dreams, visions, translation and transportation in the supernatural. He will share many events including his visit 8 feet from the throne of God including details of His countenance and the judgment room where a row of judges are reportedly known to us.

This anointed, gifted man communicates beautifully, humbly and authentically. Be ready to take notes. Get inspired and grow in knowledge and the faith.

As you complete this 9 hours video; there is another 9 hours available for a total of 18 hours.

About John Paul Jackson (from his site):

Recognized as a minister who revealed God, awakened dreams, and led people closer to Jesus, John Paul Jackson (1950–2015) was an authority on biblical dream interpretation for over thirty years. He renewed passion in people of various faiths and age groups with his sincere explanations of the unexplainable mysteries of life and enabled people to relate to God and others in fresh and meaningful ways.

As an inspirational author, speaker, teacher of true spirituality, and host of the television program Dreams & Mysteries, John Paul enlightened hundreds of thousands of people across the world. He found satisfaction in his role as a youth mentor and advisor to church and national leaders, as well as in the promotion of the spiritual arts.

John Paul founded Streams Ministries , Flower Mound, Texas.

Thank you!

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