How two Hollywood magnates found Jesus

Jesus in Diago

The Holy Spirit of God in us stirs, often to tears, as we think of the last days of Jesus in the flesh. I truly believe His final moments also aggrieve our Father in heaven. We believers are one with Him and feel His sadness, despite the great victory achieved through His Son’s suffering. What a price He paid for our redemption. Watching the few passages in the trailers shown below is very moving.

Watch also the light is this anointed couple. Their love of our Savior is evident.

Roma Downey and Mark Burnett (of Survivor and The Apprentice fame) speak of their casting of Jesus in the movie, Son of God. The Holy Spirit delivered him in surprising way–and what an excellent choice he is. Hear them speak of challenges resolved by prayer on the set. Watch this interview of the two producers by Host Joni Lamb, Joni Table Talk (just click the image.)

Roma and Mark

I recommend viewing the many episodes of Joni Table Talk, a talk show that is aligned with the word. Turn off the devil’s productions and get truly filled with Joni’s many anointed guests and co-hosts. Turn it up and watch your family become transformed. Daystar Television Network also produces an additional talk show with both Joni and her husband Marcus, Marcus & Joni .

Thank you!

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