My miracle escape from death – Heaven is operating on earth

It is comforting to find that I am not alone in experiencing this miracle. I have found a few people describing the same experience; mine was on the outskirts of Montreal, in the dark of the night. I have not spoken to anyone about it; the hearing is too improbable.

I was visiting my mother far from home on September 4th, 2006, a week after my father had passed away . It was her birthday the next day and I just had to be with her and comfort her. I drove on a single lane road looking for a turn off point on the left. The area is under lit as it is in the country. It seemed I passed my exit, so I slowed down and turned into the opposite lane aiming to enter the only driveway for a mile and turn around.

There were three cars behind me I later discovered.  A fourth was moving at high speed to pass us all but I was already blocking the other lane, perpendicular. I never made it into the driveway as I realized what was coming and hit the breaks as it seemed to come at me, t-bone! I cannot understand how the car passed me–there was no space. It seemed like a flash, as though his car was transparent and passed through mine. There was near silence; I could not even hear his engine. I could barely move realizing what had just happened. The three cars that had been behind did not move; they clearly saw what happened. They stayed staring at my vehicle. We were all at a standstill. I did not get out nor did they. Then after a pause I moved the car and they went on.

I drove to my mother’s home, visibly shaken. I felt physically and mentally shaken; clearly my body and vehicle experienced a supernatural transformation. It is a miracle…a mystery perhaps common in the spiritual realm.

It is comforting to know others have had this miraculous experience…and that I am not losing my marbles. It seems God is taking me through many experiences in the heavenly realm-on earth.

There are more events to share; but, they will keep. Now have a look at this video with Sid Roth’s guest sharing the same experience. There are more testimonies on the web.

To say I feel the Father’s love and protection in Psalm 91 is an understatement; angels clearly surround me at the right moment. Know this brothers and sisters, heaven is operating on earth. David Herzog featured in the video below teaches on the glory or rather, operating in the glory.

TO PLAY VIDEO: Just click the underlined Watch this video on YouTube which appears and it will take you directly to the Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural episode.


Thank you!

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