The Battle is on : The devil’s attacks are nothing for He that is in you

Wonderful instructions and encouragement in the following videos from reliable shepherds. We know the hour is late when the enemy attacks without cease; but, we do not have to endure it. Jesus gave us the power to fight and cancel all assignments against us. Put the devil in his place now.

Begin to bind and loose now. Also read out loud the verses the Lord has given you in the Word and the devil will flee. Glynda provides three powerful passages that together engage our triune God. There are several more.

Remember, “…we wrestle not against flesh and blood…” (Ephesians 6:12)

When the attacks are back to back against believers, it is likely an assignment from the devil. If he can weaken the flesh, he can weaken the spirit. His time is short and he knows it.

Use the tools, the power the Lord has given you. He is watching, goading you to do it!


Thank you!

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