The case for Authenticity : The Bible is ‘case closed’

We often hear people question the divine inspiration of the Bible, the Word as coming “from God”. The devil is invariably the author of doubt; he is subtle, working incrementally to erase our knowledge of the foundations of the world. Once accomplished, it is simple for him to destroy man and deprive him of his inheritance. We are in the time foretold in the Bible when men will fall away as never before.

“It was written by men,” is one of the most repeated heresies. “There are many errors; so, it’s not reliable,” another chorus. This excellent documentary addresses myriad refutations and should lay skepticism to rest.

In this excellent film featuring reputable scientists, theologians and teachers you will be armed with science, archaeology, mathematics, hidden codes and prophecies fulfilled. The last seven minutes features a scientist from MIT who makes the case for God by scientists.

This writer testifies the Bible is the only reliable book detailing the past and the present of earth, heaven and man; accordingly, we must trust the future foretold, with urgency.


Thank you!

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