“There’s no one like you,” he said referring to my faith

Yesterday, I aimed to help a friend who believes in Jesus Christ as his Savior; but, who sins on the hour. I know he has a spirit of perversion, a spirit who lies, and, that he has opened the door to spirits, cursing himself and his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren by visiting a median, reading horoscopes and watching horror movies frequently. He additionally curses himself by continually speaking hatefully about Jews. Even though we have been friends for years, this is the first time I opted to thoroughly reprove him. He was convicted by the look on his face but he was clearly offended. In fact, he found an excuse to avoid the fullness of my help, cutting it short. I am satisfied that a seed is planted.

My friend does not read the Bible and holds my knowledge of the word in some wonder. I have just described the typical Christian in our community and the Lord detests their lukewarm, filthy walk. Somehow I am at a point where I don’t fit in; yet, I do not seek to.

I now understand the Lord’s words, “You cannot serve two masters; you will love one and hate the other.” This is the dilemma in which we brethren find ourselves. I do not allow myself to think highly of myself–I simply think myself separate and a visitor. I visualize that Jesus is with me, watching, listening, steering and then I feel at peace. The walk can be lonely.

It is truly an otherwordly experience to walk in the world and feel like it is not home anymore.

I once told my friend, “The Lord knows all your thoughts.” “Well then I am screwed,” he said. His own conviction was very hopeful. Clearly my friend is a tortured soul (and we know by who.) It takes time and patience to bring someone to the Lord. Letting the Holy Spirit guide me is critical. It is not a conquest; it is fulfillment and my role in his life may have been decided from the beginning of time.

I know I do not war against flesh and blood; but, if he does not want to be delivered, I am not sure how I can help him other than to ask the Lord to open his heart. There is the other truth, [“a prophet not being honoured in his nation”] (I am not a prophet but this is why the disciples accomplished more abroad than in their home towns.)

“There is no one like you,” he said referring to my faith and walk. There was an insinuation that I was extreme, unique, at odds with everyone. He does not understand that I have no carnal thoughts. I am a mystery to him. Yet, he calls me often; I know it is more than a call–it is a connection to the divine, vicariously.

He does not fully understand that I am obedient and have surrendered my will to God, gladly. That the pleasures of this world have no interest to me.

Yet, I felt isolated because to some extent it is true that a faith-walk such as mine in my community is scarce; but, there are surely more than a few, some of which are cherished friends. We are each passionately seeking the Lord without any prompting by each other. Each of us have a private, unwavering faith; yet, we fellowship on occasion or frequently if we are in need.

We are in training, I believe, as end time warriors. (The Lord has told me this.) We will be the ones without fear, having the full armor and the power to war against the enemy. Believe me! I have been chastened for the task.

Many will seek us and hide behind our skirts during the dark days of war, famine and pestilence. We will bring them the word of God, bring them to the Lord, assist them in getting clean and holy. We will teach them to pray and worship the Lord. We will share the hope of His return and the truth of life eternal.

Yet, for me the thirst to learn is intense. There is so much to learn. So much to change in myself working toward this image of Jesus’ perfection. God created us in his image.

Thank you!

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