Wonderful blog on spiritual warfare

Glynda Linkous’ site, Wings of Prophecy (shown on right), features this blog, Wings of Warfare  by another Author. I traveled to it this evening and plan to return frequently. I especially love this post:

Most of the attacks from the enemy start in the mind.  A thought is injected, if you don’t catch it, you accept it as your own and start to dwell on it.  We are supposed to take all thoughts captive.  News flash, not all thoughts that come into your brain are yours!  You should know that when God talks to you it is truth and not condemning.  For example, I was listening to a sermon one day about honoring your parents.  I thought, I have that one covered, then God said: Your mother in law is your mother by extension.  Yep, didn’t see that one coming.  After I recovered from the sting, I knew what He meant.  His correction always comes in a gentle but firm way.  He never tells you negative, hateful things about you.  Those thoughts are from the enemy.   The enemy pretends to be you and speaks as if it were your thoughts.  I promise you have experienced this before.  For example, you are in church listening to a sermon, when all of a sudden a grocery list comes to you.  You are praying and focused when all of a sudden you can’t think clearly.  Demons are very sneaky and they don’t have anything better to do than try to mess us up.  Demons have two main goals.   Their first goal is to prevent a person from coming to Christ.  If they fail in this endeavor, they then proceed to try and make that person an ineffective Christian.

Let’s look at warfare past signing up for God’s army.  Suppose we signed up for basic training then decided we wanted to sleep all day.  I don’t know how God views this, but I can tell you the military would kick you out in a heartbeat.  You can’t go fight if you haven’t gone through basic training.  We have all heard that the battlefield is in the mind.  This has become extremely apparent to me as of late.  The war that has been raging in my mind for years has been an onslaught of thoughts put in there by demons. I just didn’t realize it wasn’t me.

One day I was feeling very overwhelmed.  The enemy knew this and took the opportunity to start pounding on me.  However, I wasn’t aware at the time it was them.  I was actually arguing with myself for a good 20 minutes.  Thoughts of being helpless, having nobody to help me, telling me there was no way I could do everything.  Any of this sound familiar? I kept having the negative thoughts and I would counter with no I will be fine.  Then another, and another.   Finally, I quoted scripture.  It stopped instantly.  I was so happy I had regained my composure, I hadn’t even realized what had happened until the next day.

God spoke the whole world into being.  He showed me that when we take the word in our hearts, and then speak it out over our situation,  the same power that made the world, comes out and is applied to us.  The bible says His word does not return void.  When Jesus was in the wilderness, He only used the word to fight the devil.  You can argue with demons till you are blue in the face,  they won’t get tired.  However, they cannot argue with the word of God.  What a powerful tool  He has given us.  Everything we need to win is in the word.  Just imagine all the power behind God saying let there be light!  The same power is behind His word when we use it.  Fight with the word!  Hide the word in your hearts that you might not sin and use it against the devil so he won’t win! (emphasis mine)

Posted by Esther Daughter of the King


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