Generational Curses : in a nutshell

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eBook by Glynda Linkous. Click to go to Amazon.

Glynda Linkous, Author, Revelator, Prophetess from Texas, describes curses succinctly in her e-book description for The Curse of Fear.

Is your life cursed or blessed right now? Which one sounds more like your experiences? Blessed or cursed? Most people have a combination until they learn about curses and break them.

A curse is basically the legal right for demons to afflict you or cause you harm or loss in a particular area. A generational curse is a legal right for demons to afflict you based on evil done (sins) by your forefathers that they never repented of, that you then opened the door to. You are not guilty of their sin, but the tendency to sins they didn’t repent for may fall on you, until/unless you are a believer of Jesus Christ who has the knowledge to break the curses off your life.

Have you spent your life in anxiety and worry? Are you being held back from being all you can be because you are paralyzed by fear? Do you fear being around people? Trying new things? Going new places?

I learned that she has published many e-books on curses. Here is a list:

  1. The Curse of Poverty
  2. The Curse of Anger
  3. The Curse of Perversion
  4. The Curse of Failure
  5. The Curse of Depression
  6. The Curse of Lust
  7. The Curse of Illegitimacy
  8. The Curse of Freemasonry
  9. The Curse of Innocent Blood
  10. The Curse of Divorce and Division
  11. The Curse of Barrenness
  12. And the Curse of Fear (linked from image above, which will guide you to all others)

Each download is only 93 cents. There is so much to learn. The truth has been hidden all of our lives among brethren. But not in the word. Every single word is always confirmed in the word–and God is not a liar. We are all likely under curses; but, we can break them in mere moments of faith and prayer.

There can be no healing of any kind until those curses are removed, Pastor Derek Prince teaches. Indeed, it is written.


Thank you!

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