It is the day of Jesus’ resurrection 2015 AND my resurrection too!

I am back after years of silence here; but, not in my walk or my “mobile” ministry. In my earthly work, I am an e-journalist, a videographer, Host of on a live internet show and then some. I have had over 100,000 real views/visits, not hits–and I have met thousands of people.

I have been itching to “come out the closet” and announce my faith and minister to the public. On a few occasions, I got whacked on social media–I dared mention “God.” I often feel imprisoned by my work; but, I believe the Lord is bringing me in contact with so many people for a reason. I have a reputation as being “religious”; this is often bracketed as “nuts.” Yet, I am calm, loving, unimposing, jovial and respectful. If Jesus loves them, I can too. When your atheist and Laedocian friends call and ask you to pray for them, it is confirmation.

Anyway I seek the Lord on my own resurrection here. I hope I can add a ministering talk show in a new studio, uploading videos, MP3s and of course the written word, from myself and from the Lord. But now I seek guidance in this; if I cannot serve Him, serve souls, I may go crackers (humor). Once your walk is total, the thirst is great. It must be quenched. I am ready Lord.

Now I spend time with Him. Ears perked.

Praise you Jesus. You are risen. And I delight in it from the tip of my head to the tip of my toes.

Mary Magdelene (FR: Marie Madeleine) Yes it is my true name.


Thank you!

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