A grand deception will cause a falling away

Screen shot 2012-05-21 at 5.40.43 PMI have now listened to several interviews/shows and read many texts on the rapture, both pro and con. Little is  more divisive among Christian believers than the doctrine of the rapture.

I am afraid I have now abandoned this belief on the basis that it is simply inconsistent with scripture. A particularly unattractive symptom of this belief is apathy. The parable of the talents comes to mind (Matthew 25:14-30), where the Lord give one man five talents, another man two, who in turn both work hard to return double to our Lord. A third man who receives only one talent (the job being easier) does nothing but bury it until He returns.The Lord replied,

“You wicked and lazy servant, you knew that I reap where I have not sown, and gather where I have not scattered seed.”

We are dutibound to serve the Lord, to take His gifts and bear fruit. Too many Christians are saying, “Why should I care? I will be out of here before it (tribulation) starts”. Clearly, tribulation is at hand. The Euphrates has dried up. The final pope will be chosen in conclave this February 28 (he is the last according to Malachy’s prophecy and the Church in Rome is in agreement). Nations are crafting to attack Israel. Good is evil, evil is good. The season is here.

Until the dreadful day of the Lord, it is our duty to serve Him and save as many souls as possible. Our protection is not in the rapture; but, rather in the promise of His protection. It is written throughout the scriptures. Search the word for your promised protection; the Lord does not lie.

“You who love the Lord, hate evil! He preserves the souls of His saints; He delivers them out of the hand of the wicked.” Psalm 97:10

Keep your eyes and ears on the resurrection. Ironically, the “falling away” deception will stage a great falling away once the tribulation begins and no one is “snatched”; sounds like the craftiness of the evil one to me.

I am here for the long haul, to earn as many crowns as I can, to serve Him and in fact, delight Him. The Lord is worthy of everything we can give Him.

Listen to these knowledgeable theologians and men of God to be edified:

1. Brother Rick Wiles Interviews Pastor Chris Steinle, Pastor Steven Anderson. Rick calls it, “Pre-tribulation Industrial Complex”.


2. Hagmann and Hagmann Interview Pastor David Lankford and Steve Quayle


2 comments on “A grand deception will cause a falling away

  1. Jane Conway. says:

    Please look up Kat Kerr. She has said that the even though we are in the end times, God has told her that we have more time available on this earth. Christians think that rapture is just around the corner, but we are now in the Joel 2 time, and instead of God taking us home, he actually wants his body of believers to carry his glory, while heaven invades earth. I feel a lot of peace with this. Jesus said that we would do more miracles then he did upon this earth. Kat said also to look at what year the Jewish calendar is. It is completely different then ours. I suppose instead of looking out for rapture, we need to get ourselves ready to carry the Glory of God upon this earth, so people can get saved, and healed. Not our will but God’s will done in his church. Kat Kerr gets taken to heaven quite often, and God reveals to her about His purpose for the time we are thanks. God bless you heaps.

    • Marie says:

      Thanks Jane. Will read up Joel again. Rings true. God restores earth indeed with His Bride and Jesus heading our government. I am guessing you meant 1st and 2nd heaven invade earth; this everyone needs to be ready for. The miracles we do…matches my prophecy of last night. All blessings to you Sister!

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