Dream : The slithering presence

Had several dreams last night that woke me up; the third had me shuddering, startled. I hardly ever dream nor remember them well.

In my first dream the snake we know as the devil was circling a home made of bamboo or such; but, he was unable to penetrate and wreak his evil despite the porous nature of the structure. This was comforting. The Lord was showing me that the evil one is about, close; but, unable to harm or influence His bride.
This dream prepared me for the third.

The second dream showed me women in formal military uniform; yet, the leader was very large and the women following in a queue seemed all the same. I don’t know what this means and I will seek His face. I am befuddled by this one. So many prophets have had unusual metaphors as visions and dreams; we must tell Him what we see, and inquire of Him only.

Third was a paralyzing nightmare. The evil one was taunting me to the extreme and when I sought the name of Jesus I was freed and awoke. I cast him out and turned the lights on to keep him from me. I prayed for protection and knew it was granted.

The Lord has told me that I am surrounded by angels. I suspect a battle is going even at the ground floor, so-to-speak.

I believe last night’s dreams being so intense and so rare are a harbinger of turning tides. Our Father I trust will be showing us much from here on.

He has told me he has big plans for me. I told Him I only want to serve Him and do His will, whatever that is. I only wish to exalt Him. I am fearless and am willing to die for Him and eternity with Him.

I know this post seems ex-temporal. Indeed. We are in the battle with the enemy and will lose some decorum; but, never our faith, our humility and our love.

Keep well my brothers and sisters. Your Father is present, battling for your safety.

Thank you!

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