Graduated from Jesus charm school

Amy Vanderbilt or Emily Post have nothing on Jesus Christ when it comes to good graces. When you are baptized in the Holy Spirit and are made new in Jesus Christ’s new covenant, it is transformative to your inner heart. I say, “inner heart”, because it is not the heart that likes to be seen, obtaining rewards from men. It is the heart that is driven from within.

Less than a year ago, I told the Lord I did not know if I could “love my enemies”, those who hurt or hate me. This is perhaps the most difficult task given by our Father; but, it is possible with the Holy Spirit that dwells in you. This is the transformation that occurred within my heart. One aggressive man with little cause sought to destroy me for over a year now and continues unabated; yet, I find myself wondering if he can feed his family and how I can help him (I can barely help myself!). I find the hate, the revenge, has left me. This is not the old attack-and-defend-yourself-or-die me. That person is dead.

Pride was no stranger to me either. Now on the odd occasion that someone is thoughtless, condescending, or mean-spirited, I scarcely respond, if not with a few concealed tears. This is the Holy Spirit in me; not the old me with a sharp-wit-return or bark. I no longer draw attention to myself.

Yesterday, I entered a business (where I knew the leader and staff) without an appointment. I asked the darling secretary not to bother him since I had no appointment and asked if she would simply inquire of him if he had received my email attachments successfully (having been next door on business). He came out to greet me nevertheless. I believe he wished to show me respect, the respect I was showing him. In the past, I would have announced myself, “I am a somebody. It is worth disrupting people to hear me”. (I would not have said that; but, I can assure you this was my belief system!) My new heart pleased him so, that he confirmed that we would be doing business together. Humility tends to show and it is my favorite garment in my wardrobe. The full armor of God includes humility which Jesus loves so well and taught so well.

I have graduated from Jesus’ school of good graces. I like the Jesus in me. He comes everywhere with me.


Thank you!

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