John Reynold’s Visitation from Angel Gabriel, “The time is short”

..and I spoke to the angel who talked with me.. Zec 1:19

November 21st 2001, An apparition during service
At the start of a prayer meeting I was attending, the power of God began to fall in an unusual way. It began whilst we were worshipping the Lord at the beginning of the meeting and literally came out of the blue! I was conscious of uttering Scriptures that all came directly from the book of Revelations, which was rather unusual as I hadn‘t spent a lot of study there.. As the power of God increased, I began to have an open vision of Heaven. My first awareness was that of life! Everything in Heaven literally pulsated with this life. The very air was filled with it. After this, I was aware of angelic beings flying around in the sky above the throne of Almighty God someway off in the distance. From where I was, He looked like a shimmering mass of pure life or energy! From His being radiated this very life that Heaven was filled with and everything owed its existence to..

My focus was drawn to a large angelic being, who was approaching from my right hand side. He was some 10-12 feet tall. He was very beautiful without being feminine and had large white wings folded behind him. He wore a pure white robe and had a golden cord around his waist. As he approached me, the power of God increased and he began to speak with me concerning things that were shortly to come upon the Earth.

I have never preached doom or gloom in my life but what I heard and saw shocked me!

The angel began.. “1999 saw the worst floods and earthquakes, the biggest storms and natural calamities come upon the earth. The earth is groaning under the weight of sin upon her” He explained the Scripture in Romans 8 verse 21.. The whole creation groans and travails in pain… “He said the earth was created in righteousness and holiness by God but the weight of sin was causing it to literally break apart under the strain of it!”(sin in the Bible is described as being ‘heavy’ and a ‘burden’)
He went on to say “This is nothing compared to what is coming. The world has hope that the new millennium will bring peace to the earth” (I immediately understood this to mean a new beginning, a new hope that things would get better, so to speak) “It shall not be so” he said “for the Word of God says, There is no peace says the Lord to the wicked!” They (the world) will have to find new categories for the scale of calamities that are about to unleash themselves on mankind” I understood this as reference to the 1 to 5 scale that they categorise cyclones with and the 1 –10 Richter scale. “He said the woes will become so great that human resources will not be able to cope with them!”

It was then I saw the earthquake that shook me. I saw a huge city, demolished, flattened by the force of this quake. I immediately knew the country but not what city it was and I knew instinctively that it contained millions of people. I saw mankind stand aghast at it. It was so devastating that no-one knew where to start first. I nearly wept as I surveyed the scene. There was devastation for miles and miles, As far as the eye could see, just mountains of rubble! The power of God became so strong, that my body began to bend backwards without falling over! My feet were firmly planted on the floor, with my body bent backwards. He took a step closer and the power increased even more, bending my body even further backwards. I became aware of the scripture, “I am Gabriel, who stands in the presence of God” (Luke 1:19) I was going to ask a question and he answered before I spoke! I was about to ask “Is this the tribulation of the Book of Revelations?” I knew immediately that it was not! I then saw the Body of Christ scurrying amongst the rubble like ants before a storm over the wreckage of this disaster. Have you noticed how ants get real busy just before a storm comes, grabbing food and supplies to take back to their nests? I saw the Body of Christ doing the same thing, only they were grabbing people! Literally pulling them out of the fire! They were not able to get many people out physically as many were hurt and dying, rather their purpose was to get people into eternal life. I saw them telling people in the rubble about Jesus and His saving grace. The decimation was so great, there was little they could do for them in the natural but there was something that they could do to stop them going into an eternity without Christ!

After this scene passed, I became aware of the end time harvest. It was much like a natural harvest where the farmer plants the seed, waters it, keeps out the weeds and then waits for the fruit of it. Nothing much seems to happen for a while, then suddenly the latter rains come, the crop turns, (ripens) and the farmer works night and day getting the crop in to his barns before any bad weather spoils it! Jesus talked a lot about wheat! All that is left after the crop is taken in is the stubble! Jesus talked about the stubble too!

Even as I write this, the Spirit of Prophecy comes upon me. “Prepare yourselves” says the Lord, “for the fields are truly white and ready to harvest. Pray to the Lord of the Harvest to send labourers into His harvest, for the time is short”

I saw the coming move of God as a mighty tidal wave that would rise suddenly out of the ocean and sweep across the land. A skilled surfer watches the waves, waiting for the right one. Just before it gets to him, he paddles with all his might as it catches up with him. He then rises up and enjoys the power of the wave to carry him. “So shall it be in the last moments, as this age of grace draws to a close” says the Lord. “Prepare yourselves, make yourselves ready, so that you can be a vessel unto honour, chosen of God to do His will. Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision” says the Lord. “Who will go for Me? For My will is that all mankind be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth. I, Jesus, have commanded it! Go ye into all the world and proclaim the gospel. I am the Lord Who changes not!”

Romans 8:21 (KJV)

 21Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God.

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