Review : “The Wilderness Companion” (a ‘must-have’ for the coming storm!)

Available in Kindle and print now.

by Marie Madeleine

I have just finished reading, The Wilderness Companion, by Glynda Lomax. It is an easy and pleasant read; however, the authenticity of the author’s pain and travails are so vivid and resonant that you will struggle to hold back tears. The first 80% gives new meaning to long-suffering. Glynda’s journey into the wilderness lasted fourteen years; now, she appears to be arriving at the “promised land”.

What is truly extraordinary about this book is that we can witness how the deceiver works in a believer’s life, putting strongholds on finances, relationships and health. He relishes in our fear and doubt, since it draws us away from worshiping the Lord. Remember, the liar, the prince of this world, runs to and fro seeking who he may destroy.

Glynda shows how the Lord lifted His blessings from her every time she entertained the evil one’s taunts and lies. It may be counter-intuitive to believe in provision from the Lord since all our lives we have been programmed to provide for ourselves; this is one of the most powerful lies of the deceiver, making us gods over our own lives. This construct is not borne of the Lord in the garden of Eden nor to be seen in prophecy about the new millennial Kingdom; even less, the Kingdom of Heaven.

The last segment of the book describes the “seven temptations” in the wilderness. These are beliefs, lies and behaviors fueled by the deceiver once again. Everyone will recognize themselves in these temptations. Glynda instructs us on the importance of faith to receive His blessings and instructions. It requires great faith and the casting out of the filthy spirits who want to rob you of your inheritance. Remember how Peter began to sink after He actually stood on the water?  We tend to believe only in what we can see and know of this world; and even as miracles manifest, we can still fall into unbelief. You will be awestruck by Glynda’s testament through the entire book of God’s miraculous blessings, just in time. Everything is possible with great faith.

The Lord, our Father who is in heaven, is gathering His bride now–in this generation. Prepare yourself for spiritual warfare that is in progress, increased, as the deceiver knows his days are short. He hates believers, especially those of great faith; you will need to gird your loins, shod your feet, put on the helmet and the breastplate. Glynda’s book is an everyday guide, a quick-faith-check for the storm ahead.

Click here to go direct to Amazon for a Kindle edition (which can download on any device). Or click the book image for more info. And here is where you can buy the print edition.


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