My test : Jesus uncloaked hidden evil spirits for me to witness

By Marie Madeleine

A pen drawing of me in my bathrobe facing the entity

One night in 2011, during warm climate in South-east Ontario, I was scaling my driveway, praying, praising, worshiping the Lord and something exceptional happened. It was around 3:30 am. I often pray in the middle of night on my driveway, no matter the climate, since I am awakened and this helps restore my sleep. My eyes caught the appearance of what I can only describe as three large headlights floating above my treeline, let’s say twenty feet up, on the extremity of my property, the other side of my fence. I stood approximately fourty feet from this entity on my driveway.

I live in a rural area. It was dark and all you could see were the stars, my porch lights and this presence. There was not a sound to be heard other than the ‘snores’ of little animals. I stood and stared at it in fascination; confirming its location by walking up and down my driveway. Oddly, it would disappear from vision if I walked too far one way and too far the other; so, for lack of better word, this entity was present within ‘portal’ of space. It was indeed floating in the air and within my neighbor’s property on the outside edge of my fence; this last fact is key. I knew not to approach it. My property was protected by the Lord and the entity clearly knew it had no legal right to cross its boundaries. So I stood and watched it, occasionally ceasing to continue praying. It was as though we were having a staring showdown for twenty to thirty minutes. Then it faded slowly from visibility.

I spent month’s looking for explanations from spiritual leaders and friends; the answers were varied and confusing. Finally, I did what all Christians should, I sought the Lord’s face. As soon as I repented from seeking man and not Him, answers came. The Lord said to me, “it was a test”. I knew I passed the test since I immediately knew it was a dark spirit (or many dark spirits), I had no fear (this is probably the Holy Spirit in me) and I did not approach it. This is a look into the spiritual warfare present on the planet and foremost, a look into the Lord’s protection of His faithful.

Recently, I have been in conversation with the Lord frequently and asked Him again why he allowed me to see this entity. “I wanted you to see for yourself the supernatural dark realm that is present everywhere”. Twenty-three years ago I was awakened by small demons snickering around my bed; so, I was already somewhat aware. But this particular manifestation was clear as a bell from where I stood, wide awake, in the physical. I have been told I have the gift of discernment, able to see spirits. I need not see them to cast them out; this is a daily requirement for believers.

Sisters and brothers in Christ, when you pray for the ‘hedge of protection’ to the Lord, I cannot give you a clearer manifestation of His power and control over the evil one and his legion. Our Father who is in Heaven is in control of everything. The evil one needs a legal right from Him to torment the people of the world. When you sin, worship graven images or other deities, you have invited the evil one into your life; strongholds will shackle your health, finances, family and home. If you are a faithful believer, never succumbing to fear, and believing the Lord for His protection and blessings, the deceiver will have no authority on your life.

It is critical that all believers, repent and loose the bonds of spirits on themselves, their families, their homes and properties. They are numerous, wandering everywhere to seek who they may destroy. I will be posting more about this, providing guidance so you can self-deliver and be assured of God’s protection. Do not let fear or even doubt enter you; this is the liar, the deceiver at work. The Lord has no such language or limits on His power and majesty.

The Lord told me this morning (March 14) to add this verse to this post !

Ephesians 6:12 KJV

 12For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.


Thank you!

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