Hot Off God’s Press : The Wilderness Companion

The Wilderness Companion it out!

An extraordinary book to help God's people through the coming storm.

The Wilderness Companion, Kindle Edition, penned by Glynda Lomax, just came out on  The print version is expected to be available some time next week.

This book is about the violent seizure of the Kingdom of God, and the events that surround refusing to let go at any cost. The winds of change are blowing across America and the world. Right now the Spirit of God is readying the people of God, because a storm is coming.

“The Wilderness Companion is a very personal book which tells the story of several desert seasons in my life, and how the Lord taught me about Himself and provided for me during those seasons. It is filled with dialogues between He and I, and includes many things He spoke to me or showed me in visions that I have never shared or talked about on the radio program.

“The first part of the book is about my personal journey – how I came to know Christ, how I was lead into the desert seasons, and what it was like to walk there as He refined my faith or worked undesirable traits out of me. The second part of the book is based on something He spoke to me years ago regarding what we are tempted by when we are walking through the hard seasons of life, as well as what I have learned so far that helped in each of those areas.

“The Wilderness Seasons are those seasons when it feels as if nothing in life is going right, or that your entire life is falling apart. Things are changing too fast and you seem to be able to do nothing to affect anything that is happening. When I was walking through them, I felt as if my whole world had fallen apart and I could find nothing to grab on to for stability. Nothing, that is, except Jesus, which is exactly what I did hold on to.

The Wilderness Companion will build your faith and give you strength and courage for the wilderness journeys you face, whether you are walking through one now, or will be facing one down the road. We never know when our lives will change, and we will be suddenly thrust out into the desert.”


Thank you!

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